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Pop Up Food Cart Perth | It’s your birthday! A pop-up food cart is super compact, environment-friendly, and serves up to 120 people. If you’re looking for a fun way to celebrate, check out Locale Kitchen’s Pop up food cart option that’s as tasty as it is filling! Read more below!


The Pop Up Food Cart Menu

Locale Kitchen’s pop-up food cart serves the same high-quality food as our other menus. Enjoy freshly-made po boys and buns, Mexicano delicacies, bite-sized fried snacks, and tasty chips! You can choose up to five items to serve at your party, starting at $35.00 per person.


Locale Kitchen’s food cart is a fully operating kitchen so all the food is cooked on site. Who doesn’t like the smell of fresh cooking on their special day?


See the full menu here


How is the food served?

All food is prepared in Locale Kitchen’s state of the art food cart. Our experienced chefs make sure there is always food available, guests can grab a dish or two as they pass by. LK also serves food in biodegradable plates and packaging.


The best thing about having a food cart is its fun and casual vibe! Your guests can roam around and chill out with some tasty snacks on hand. Just because you’re eating doesn’t mean you have to stop enjoying the night with your guests. (Who knew chairs could be so restrictive?)


Sounds great! How do I book one for my birthday?

Contact a Locale Kitchen representative today to book a date and a venue, and they’ll get back to you right away! After settling in on a date, your menu will be confirmed two weeks prior to ensure freshness and availability of ingredients. 

Make sure to specify any dietary restrictions for you and your guests! See you on your birthday! 


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