Perth Film Set Catering: Hiring Locale Kitchen

Perth Film Set Catering: Hiring Locale Kitchen

PERTH FILM SET CATERING – Locale Kitchen is happy to accommodate all your film set catering needs. Here’s how to get our great-tasting meals, budget-friendly options, and the best environmental practices for a happy filming crew!


Contact Locale Kitchen

You can reach Locale Kitchen in a number of ways. Our website’s Contact page is a good place to start! Just type in the required details and a Locale Kitchen representative will be happy to email you about our film set catering options.


You can also contact us directly through email at or through phone 0424137189 for any other concerns.


It’s best to call in a month or earlier before your filming dates.


Coordinate a budget and a custom menu

Once we’ve settled on a date, Locale Kitchen accepts a 50% down payment for your meals two weeks before the date. This is to ensure that all food ingredients are fresh and available on the market!


By this time, you should have discussed any dietary restrictions (vegan, vegetarian, pescatarians, specific foods to avoid) with Locale Kitchen and we’d be happy to oblige. Locale Kitchen offers a Stand Up Menu and a Long Table Menu. However, customized packaged meals are also available for the film set.


Enjoy the best food with your film crew!

On the day of the set, Locale Kitchen serves only freshly made food using bio-friendly food packs. This is to ensure the best environmental practices and that waste is reduced to a minimum.


On a side note, Locale Kitchen provides happy tummies for the whole crew, but unfortunately, cleaning up is a service we are yet to offer.


Afraid of the crew getting hangry? Contact Locale Kitchen and get in touch with our representatives today for your Perth film set catering needs. 

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