3 Beverage Tips When Planning a Party! The 3rd Is A Must!

3 Beverages Considerations When Planning a Party

No party is complete without the drinks. In fact, sometimes people attend solely for the drinks (true story). Your beverages of choice complement the food that you’re serving when planning a party. Unfortunately, the beverage list is also an often overlooked part of the party planning process. Don’t make this mistake. Let us guide you through the top 3 beverage considerations you need to remember the next time you plan a party.


  1. Ice, ice, and more ice baby

Unless you’re serving coffee or tea, most often than not you’d serve your beverage cold—or at the very least chilled. So when you’re planning a party, remember to accommodate for the ice…and lots of it. Consider both the storage and refrigeration of the drinks, too. You don’t want to run out of ice in the middle of the event. We’ve all been to that one party wherein we were served lukewarm beverages. Yeah, would not recommend it.


  1. Man at the bar

Depending on the kind of party you’re planning, your beverages would need at least a level of supervision. A dedicated bartender ensures effective rationing of your supply throughout the event, especially if you intend to serve alcoholic beverages and cocktails. Bartenders know how to cater to your guests’ whims, and they know plenty of tricks up their—sometimes literal—sleeves. Which makes the next point more relevant.


  1. A steady flow

Rationing is key when it comes to beverage considerations at any party. For example, allot a bottle of wine per two guests on average. In the summer, people tend to favor white over red. Thinking of serving some sparkling wine? Serve it before the main course; typically, three glasses per guest would do. A bottle of liqueur can serve around 15 cocktails.  A beer drinker typically consumes two bottles in the first hour and a bottle every hour afterward. Non-alcoholic drinkers usually consume three drinks per person. And cocktail drinkers on average consume about 3 drinks each.

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