Are the servings substantial enough for the guests?

These menu items are all small hand held items designed so that guests can sample several items over the evening, we find the average guest will eat 4 items of their choice over the night and be full 

How long is the food service for stand up?

Food service is generally over 2 hours, but we find most guests are full after 90 minutes. We find the best format for food service is one full hour of food service, then some speeches, then food service continues for another 30 minutes.

We continue food service until guests turn away everything offered as they are full, at that point we will stop serving and begin packing and cleaning up. 


Do you have menu for guests with dietary requirements?

When choosing the menu you do not need to consider dietary requirements, you will give us a list of dietary requirements when the menu is finalised and on the day of the event we will tailor the menu for those people alone while the rest of the guests will receive the normal menu you selected. We ask you to advise your dietary guests to make themselves known to the waitstaff on the day of the event.

How can we lock in our date?

When you book us for your event you will tell us the style of menu you want and the number of guests, we will invoice for this and a 30% deposit is required to secure the date, with the final menu and final numbers to be given 14 days before the event, at which point we will adjust the invoice and final payment will be due. 

So you are not under pressure to decide your menu now, you only need to choose the style and then take your time to plan your choices.

When are you going to set up?

For all events, we will need to arrive and set up for your event at least 90 minutes before food service starts. In the case of weddings where the ceremony is held in the same location as the reception and our movement will disturb the ceremony we will arrive and set up before the ceremony commences.