Engagement Party Planning: 6 Free Tips You Need to Know

Engagement Party Planning, wedding, engaged

You’re engaged! Congratulations, now the only thing you need is to get through the waking nightmare called engagement party planning. Here are Locale Kitchen’s top tips to help you get through the first step of commitment. The worst is yet to come. <3 


  • Decide who’s hosting right away

    • Traditionally, parents plan and pay for the engagement party, but nowadays you can ask literally anyone who’s willing to host (and/or pay) for this intimate gathering.
    • You and your partner can also host yourselves and have an intimate dinner with closest friends and family.
  • Create a definitive guest list

    • Your guests should obviously be the same people attending your wedding. If you and your partner’s parents live in separate places, you can plan two separate engagement parties and invite different people. Just be sure to keep your budgets in check!
  • Choose the right date and venue

    • If your home has the space for it, you can hang out in your backyard or in your living rooms. Homes are a very welcome space and seem fitting for such an intimate celebration. Don’t be afraid to ask your friends or relatives who have more spacious places if you can use their homes. They’ll agree for sure! Just set a date with them and know which areas are on and off-limits.
    • You can host your engagement party as soon as you’re engaged! 
  • Decorate appropriately

    • You don’t need a sophisticated theme for your engagement party, but wouldn’t it be nice for you and your partner to be wearing complementary outfits in photos? Not to mention, your event space would look pretty cool too.
  • Plan the menu

    • An hors d’oeuvre or party carts are a great option for an event like an engagement party. There’s always food and all your guests can get a bit of everything. This also gives your guests much more space to dance and mingle with everyone else.
    • Hiring a caterer is a great way to spend more time with your guests while having some amazing food! Check out our laid-back, casual, stand-up menu!
  • To booze or not to booze?

    • To booze, most likely.

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