4 Reasons Why You Need To Consider Food Carts for your Bridal Shower, 4th Is Our Favourite!

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Bridal showers are one of the age-old traditions that most brides are simply anxious about. It’s a favorite pre-wedding event and a time for fun and exciting games, gifts, well wishes, and of course – food! And for this season, Food Carts are gaining popularity for most bridal showers. Though unusual as it may seem, our say is that you should definitely consider getting food carts for that next bridal shower you’re planning.

Here are four reasons why food carts are better than your worn-out and traditional buffet or seat-down meal.

  • Fresh food all the time.

Make sure that your guests enjoy uniformly warm, freshly made, and aesthetically pleasing food. With food carts, there are no delays in replenishments and everything is served deliciously hot and newly-made. As every food is made on individual portions, your guests will also savor carefully plated meals and bites. 

  • Personalize it for the bride.

Bridal showers are events that are special, personal, and unique. Make your bride feel extra special by incorporating some of “her” in the food. Food Carts provides an alleyway for you to customize and have a themed food cart to match and showcase your bride’s flair. Surely, guests will also enjoy this more personalized service.

  • Smorgasboard of everything.

Planning for a bridal shower brunch? How about an intimate bridal shower afternoon tea? From bite-sized sandwiches and hors d’oeuvres to hefty sandwiches and jumbo sliced pizzas — food carts can basically serve anything and not be confined to pre-planned menus usually offered by traditional buffets.

  • Skip the long line for food.

Why waste time lining up for food when it’s meant to be enjoyed by sharing stories and advice to the future Mrs. Your guests won’t have to wait in line for food because the food will be served around by the waitstaff, warm and rich. This gives more time for fun games, laughing, dancing, and opening presents.

If there’s already a date for that big day, and you’re now thinking of the bridal shower to do, then Locale Kitchen is arguably the top choice you better go to. Locale Kitchen will help you host an unforgettable bridal shower rocking off a food cart concept to turn the leaf of a lady from a single woman to a bride note-worthy. 


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