Take the Quiz! Stand up VS. Long Table Catering

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Haven’t decided which menu to get for your wedding? Should you get the stand-up or the long table menu?  Try our Locale Kitchen menu quiz to help with your catering decisions!


How sociable do you think your guests will be?

  1. Real sociable! My guests will be mingling and chit-chatting with each other all night long.
  2. Some of my guests are real social butterflies, but some might want to just chill around and catch up with old friends.
  3. I’m not sure, but I do want all of them to have fun and be comfortable either way.


How much do you want to avoid nagging relatives? 🙂

  1. Aw, come on, it’s a wedding! Might as well try and enjoy the night without avoiding anybody!
  2. Is there an option where I’m as far away as possible, but also not too far that it looks like I went out of my way just to avoid them? Heh.
  3. I don’t know, is this really a necessary question to answer?


Which set-up do you like more?

  1. Having lots of bite-sized goodies throughout the night!
  2. A big meal with a set of complex dishes we can choose from.
  3. Can I have a combination of both? Like a table where you can sit down but also an option for snacks?


Which wedding atmosphere appeals more to you?

  1. Really laid back, just a lot of chatting with friends and family. Lots of dancing!
  2. An aesthetic vibe but not too fancy. Something more special than a regular night out, but not as overdone as traditional weddings.
  3. I actually have a long list of options and I don’t know how to narrow it down :\ 


If you got more A’s

Stand up Menu!

A stand-up menu is made for socializing and really spending time with your guests. Your guests get served meals throughout the night, and everyone can roam around. You can dance and chat and eat and hang out with the people you want to.

If you got more B’s

Long Table Feast

Food is served on a long table, just like a big family dinner! And just in case you were wondering, snacks are provided before the meal proper.

If you got more C’s

Talk to our Locale Kitchen representative!

This quiz is all for fun, but it’s not meant to replace the assistance of a real catering representative. Give us a message at Locale Kitchen and our representatives will give you the best insider tips on catering your event!

Photos by: Locale Kitchen and Confetti and Co Events x Amy Skinner Photography

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