Why choose a Long Table Feast for your wedding| Event Catering Perth

Why choose a Long Table Feast for your wedding| Event Catering Perth

Who else thinks fine dining receptions have become a bit too outdated? And, to be quite frank, really boring? The Long Table Feast creates the atmosphere of a big family dinner. Everyone’s seated, full and happy, and your aunts can drop you offensive comments for everyone to hear. But what’s a wedding without a little drama?

The Long Table Feast

A lot of parties are opting for a more casual and relaxed reception. Everyone’s supposed to have a good time, anyway, and the way you set up your dinner completely changes the atmosphere of your party. 


Some people want to really loosen up their reception by going for an informal stand-up reception. The Long Table feast is a bit more formal than a stand-up reception, but it’s not as uptight and rigid as traditional fine dining.  A banquet table is propped up at your venue, everyone can take a seat, and your food options will be served on large serving plates.


The beauty of a long table feast is it forces everyone to connect with each other. A person sitting on one edge of the table will have to ask someone to pass the potatoes or the pepper on their side. It’s really like having your whole family just sit together and eat! 

What’s for dinner on the long table? 

Locale Kitchen offers some fun, festive long table menu packages starting at $52.00 per person. 


Our bestseller, The Country Farmhouse Menu, is in one word: fantastic. Take it from some of our customer reviews. This package features slow-cooked lamb, beer-battered local fish fillet, and roasted whole chicken. It’s also got some fun vegan options like quinoa, black bean, and feta salad.


There’s also a Southern-Style Menu if you’re up for some good ole’ fried chicken and grilled corn. Or maybe you want an International Menu with a diverse selection of meals from around the world (pan-fried gnocchi, anyone?). 


You can take a look at the full packages at the Locale Kitchen Menu or you can send us any of your queries about the menu, catering to your wedding, customizing the meals. 

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