Eco-Friendly Catering: What To Look For in a Caterer

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With all the terrible things happening in the world, taking care of the environment should be the new normal for all of us.
Eco-friendly catering should be the next step you take in going green.
If you don’t really know where to start, here are some questions to ask your next food caterer about eco-friendly catering.

What’s on your menu?

Obviously, whether you want a greener alternative or not, you want to know what your catering is serving you (duh).
But if you’re more environmentally conscious, you should ask whether they’re using sustainable produce.
Additionally, going green doesn’t necessarily mean cutting out meat, but it means cutting back and
being mindful of what you consume and put in your body.
Try to ask if they implement more plant-based proteins like lentils, potatoes, nuts, and lentils to replace meat in certain dishes.

How do you reduce food waste?

Apparently, ⅓ of all the food produced in the world goes to waste, and you don’t want to be adding to that number.
Ask whether they repurpose their old ingredients to make new dishes, or if they donate untouched leftovers instead of just throwing them out.
Make sure they also create a compost pile for plate leftovers and spoiled food.
Also, ask if their staff are trained on proper waste management practices and whether they have clearly labeled recycling bins
to help out your guests to know where to throw their trash.

What kind of disposables do you use?

At Locale Kitchen, we use food packaging from sustainable and naturally biodegradable plant materials like sugar cane and bamboo.
Any form of plastic, styrofoam, and even PET plastic isn’t recommended.
Ask your caterer whether they provide biodegradable disposables instead of styrofoam or paper products.
What about reusable tableware like tablecloths, napkins? 


Going green is for the environment we live in, and ultimately benefits us in the long term.
Having parties and spending time with your favorite people shouldn’t stop you from caring for the world we live in. 

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